Scientific Meeting

Join us for RSMJ's first scientific meeting to be held July 28-30, 2017 in Fort Collins, CO!!!

Review of presentations will occur on a rolling basis with authors receiving notification of acceptance (or rejection) within 2 weeks of submission! So, do not delay! Submit here!

Registration is open now, click here! Early bird registration cost $150 for Professional members (includes full and post-doc members) and $75 for Student members (includes undergraduate and graduate students). This registration will include meals during the conference (i.e., breakfast and lunch). Affordable lodging options are also available. Early bird registration ends May 1, 2017! Please register early as it will help us with planning social and networking events!

Regular registration [May 1, 2017 - July 14, 2017] will cost $200 for Professional members (or $100 for Student members) and late registration [July 14, 2017 - July 30, 2017] will cost $250 for Professional members (or $125 for Student members).

Conference Abstract Submissions

General Guidelines

All submissions will be peer-reviewed, thus all submissions need to provide sufficient detail regarding methodology and analysis to be evaluated on scientific merit. Papers that have been published or presented at a national/international conference prior to the time of submission are not eligible.

Submissions may include (but are not limited to) empirical research of the determinants, correlates, consequences, contexts, and assessment of marijuana use as well as the treatment of problematic marijuana use, including cannabis use disorder.

Authors who have an abstract accepted, but who later cannot attend the conference, are responsible for arranging to have another individual or co-author present the poster/paper. Withdrawal of presentations should only be made due to an emergency (e.g., illness).

The following categories are options for submission.

1) Poster presentation abstracts (not to exceed 500 words)

During the submission process, authors will be provided with the option to be considered for a Datablitz session (a series of 3-minute presentations of research) or part of an RSMj-organized symposium (15-20 minute paper presentation). Student first authors will be eligible for a Student Poster Award, and early career first authors will be eligible for an Early Career Poster Award.

 2) Symposium submissions (250-word symposium summary, and each paper abstract not to exceed 500 words)

Symposia should focus on a common theme and will be 60-90 minutes in length. Each symposium can have a chair (who organizes the symposium, can be one of the presenters), 3-5 speakers and a discussant (optional, can be one of the presenters). Discussants should tie together commonalities amongst the papers with a broad perspective.

 3) Panel discussion submissions (750-word panel discussion summary)

Panel sessions can involve 3-5 panelists (and a moderator) who address a specific topic or challenge. They are designed to be more interactive than papers sessions, and are especially good for a problem-oriented approach to a topic that encourages panelists to take different perspectives. Panels will be 50 minutes in length.

Submit an abstract for a poster presentation, symposium, or panel discussion now!